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Every piece of our products is formed by
the spirit of togetherness combining the specific
Every developing economy brings an implication of quality improvement. Better quality products require more sophisticated equipment. The nature of our products is very much determined by our ... [read more] ... [read more]
14 Januari 2015 10:29
Pameran Manufacturing Jakarta, Desember 2014
Diakhir tahun 2014 PT. INDAH JAYA TEKNIK PRESISI kembali mengikuti event pameran terbesar di Jakarta lebih tepatnya tanggal 03-06 desember 2014.
Beberapa Product terbaik di suguhkan pada ... [read more]
2 Juli 2014 12:03
Pameran Manufacturing Surabaya 11-14 Juni 2014
PT. Indah Jaya Teknik Presisi Mengikuti event teknik terbesar manufacturing yang diadakan pada 11-14 juni 2014 di surabaya.
Beberapa produk hadir dalam pameran kali ini, yaitu Tsurumi, Toyox, ... [read more]
25 Oktober 2011 16:21
Toyox recently held an exhibition located in palmex Medan. This exhibition titled introduction of quality hose to plant palm oil at Medan. Began at 12 14 of October 2011. Toyox did a lot of ... [read more]
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